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How to Make Sushi Great

a close up of a person cutting a piece of sushi

To some, it would be strange to think of sushi as a simple thing – after all, the ingredients are fairly exotic, the technique is pretty involved, and there's the complex logistics of bringing fresh, raw fish to a local table.

With that in mind, many people talk about the ‘recipe’ for getting sushi right…

In our view it's not so much about choosing a particular set of ingredients as it is about freshness, technique and method – although ingredients are important!

It is important to curate the ingredients, but rather than making sure that you have just the right words on the menu, it's more about providing the freshest and most vibrant options. That means really understanding local seafood markets and cold chain handling and much more.

So at MakiMaki, we have re-engineered the process of serving up sushi! We prepare the rolls right in front of customers in an “assembly line” process that’s a lot like any open kitchen – by offering transparency and a vision of the food, by making preparation into performance, we innovate in the world of sushi, and that helps with the whole freshness thing, too!

It's all too common to see a sushi restaurant that's nearly empty, where a lonely chef languishes behind the glass case. In many of these situations, it's because people eventually figured out that the freshness and quality that you look for in these foods just wasn't there consistently.

As a result, clientele started to dwindle, and that sent the sushi restaurant into a tailspin from which it could never recover. How do you get audience and trust back after standards have gone down?

A Clean, Well Lighted Place

So with that in mind, part of the strategy, in our view, is to offer a compelling environment for sushi, in addition to the curated ingredients and freshness that customers need. That’s another aspect of our custom prep method – introducing sushi in a way that looks good! You don’t have to convince the sushi aficionado – but for others, how the sushi is presented makes a difference. We see new visitors coming in every day, getting won over by a new way of offering up sushi rolls. 

Our hand rolled and cut up sushi is of the highest caliber, whether it's tuna salmon or anything else. We have bluefin and scallop options, and blue crab and salmon roe, and you can see on the website how we put these rolls together with care and precision. But you can also see a bit of our indoor environment and our cafés, which is very deliberate. Showcasing and presentation are important, and quality is, too. At MakiMaki in NYC, that's how we believe you make sushi great!