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MakiMaki is a premium fast-casual sushi bar that focuses exclusively on sushi rolls.  As a specialty Japanese sushi roll shop, we offer two types of rolls, traditional 8-piece cutup maki and cone-shaped temaki handrolls.  MakiMaki brings sushi rolls into the fast-casual dining category by preparing all rolls in an assembly line right in front of customers’ eyes, while also allowing for customization with additional ingredients and sauces.  We have perfected the process of preparing fresh, custom-made sushi rolls of 5-star quality and proudly serve our products at reachable prices.  MakiMaki pioneered this unique and engaging approach to enjoying fresh, tailor-made sushi that combines “in-and-out” pace with high quality and authenticity and our ultimate mission is to bring this experience to every New Yorker.

Come find out how we can make that possible.

Our Team